Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is a Rhythmic Trance...?

It's difficult to find time to do many things, especially when you set out to achieve the impossible. It was one of those things ;-) of those impossible situations at work...They had expected me to complete a 2 month's project work in a couple of weeks. How do you describe that situation? If impossible is not the word, then what is?Times like these, some people get into the habit of having a lot of coke to keep up the spirits high when working. A few others who are habitual smokers would smoke a few more cigarettes. But I don't fall into one of those categories of people.

I had to turn to good music that is soothing to your ears. Not the cheap trash you see floating around the net and on stores of Music world (no offence meant..they stock good stuff sometimes). Music in general has two components - the beat that gives rythm to the composition as a whole and a more slower layered component that lets you just drift away. You could see singing, vocals, more electronica and what not; but the important thing is that it keeps moving, changing ever so slowly. That is the life of what is called as a trance, a good composition.

I love the flute compositions by Pravin Godkindi...he is one of my favourites. The songs are played using just the flute with other instruments minus the lyrics. The transition is effortless with slow beat. I found this album very recently...through a friend of mine and this had a very beautiful humming overlaid. Very hypnotic!! It was really amazing, nice rythm programming and a very catchy tune.

I could go on and on and on...!! I wonder sometimes, is it really difficult to appreciate such wonderful stuff? Common film music sounding so pathetic with the vocals, can be transformed into more soothing tunes with the flute.

Is it really necessary to have lyrics expressing all the emotions in a song? you are actually guiding a listener into a sound scape; the listener hears what you want them to hear. But taking away the lyrics, and replacing it with the flute becomes a lot more pleasing to your ears. I've come to realize that it's pretty difficult to convince people who haven't experienced this kind of a music to part with their 'filmi' with the actual lyrics. You need to feel the music to get to know the transformation that it would do to your life..I wish everyone get to experience it someday.


vlp said...

Arun, you set me thinking big time about Rhythmic Trances and music - and actually gave me the idea for my first post What does music do for you?


Arun said...

Thank you so much...I never knew that blogs were so inspiring. A good friend of mine started blogging after getting inspired with my first blog...and I see you getting the idea to write your first post in your blog!!


Geetha said...

in case u didn't connect the dots, vlp is my husband :)