Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Living in a universe of inner space..

Our biggest problem is not outer space but inner space. We live in a universe but we fail to realise that there is a universe within us. Each one of us live in a personal universe created by our mind. Our thoughts and feelings create a new world within. The quality of our life is the quality of our inner world of thoughts, feelings and personal beliefs. The root cause of all our problems is that we fail to see our inner world of thoughts. It lives and rules in a state of unawareness.

We live life mechanically and hence we suffer. Mechanically means with unawareness. We wish each other good morning, but how meaningfully do we say that? Unless we become more aware and allow awareness to guide our lives we will be like a drunkard, lost in his drunkard ness.

Reflect on this:

A group was engaged in a singing practice. They were rehearsing for the next day’s event. A carpenter was setting the stage. Every time the carpenter made some noise the choir leader looked at the carpenter silently, indicating that he was disturbing their practice. This continued for a while and finally the carpenter told the leader, “Don’t worry, please continue your practice. It is not disturbing my work.”

We are unaware who is disturbing whom. More than the external world the internal world is disturbing our lives.

What exactly is the mind? Understand that the mind is not an entity. It is a process. It is a process of thoughts. Learn to understand and transform thoughts. Mind is not the brain; it is where thoughts emerge from the brain. Learn to discipline the thoughts and you have disciplined the mind. Thoughts are nothing but internal words. Let those internal words be empowering and not dis-empowering.

You go on solving problems and problems go on surfacing. It is like cutting the branches of the tree and not its root. The root cause of the problems is that you are unaware of your unawareness. More than the incident it is the wording of the incident that is creating hell or heaven.

What else should I do to master the mind?Firstly understanding that your mind is not an entity but a process of inner wording. Secondly learn to see the gaps between thoughts. The gaps between thoughts are pure silence. Once you observe silence, you will experience silence. In the gaps between thoughts lies heaven waiting for you.

Also put this understanding into practice, that you are not the thoughts but separate from the thoughts. You see thoughts and thoughts are seen and you are the seer. Thus you will see thoughts are ‘yours’ but you are not the thoughts… the shadow is similar to the mind but you are not the shadow. Thoughts are only visitors and you are the host. You have to put this understanding into practice. Only then you will be a master of your mind.

Why is that I feel jealous when I see someone successful?You have not learnt to celebrate others’ good fortune. Don’t postpone your joy by being jealous of the other. Each one is unique. Learn to rejoice uniqueness. Don’t define your failure by some one’s success. Learn to bless others’ success. Don’t be a stingy tipper. Understand success has a way of coming where it is needed. Trust this process. Have a bigger picture of life.

Learn to visualise yourself as successful. Learn to visualise yourself happy and feel you are seeing God in others and in yourself. As you conceive yourself of rejoicing more, you will find the capacity to rejoice. Learn to use the power of visualising in a creative way that is uplifting.

Learn to open your heart and embrace others mentally. The heart of education is the education of the heart. Learn to meditate by opening your heart and giving love to others. Learn to feel that others are teaching you something beautiful.

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