Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Taste of India

India has always been a land of diversities. We see diversity in all it's forms and shapes. Of all the many diversities that we see around, the most interesting one that would interest each one of us in the diversity in food habits.

I was not aware of the fact that every state in India had it's own speciality of food recepies till I received a mail with the below picture from a friend of mine. I feel, every indian should take sometime out to taste and enjoy each of them atleast once in their lifetime. There are Some dishes that I haven't heard before.

Well, sometimes I feel that I have been missing out having the indian cusines in the US. Even though we get to go to Indian restaurants in Jersey, we don't get to see the dishes having the same taste as the ones back in India.

A good friend of mine has started her own food blog. She has been posting a lot of different indian recepies with the pictures on her new blog. I really appreciate all her effort in this direction. Well with these variety of food that you get to see in the picture, I'm sure she will have a lot of recepies to post!! starting from the simple dhal tadka to the most complicated ones.


Geetha said...

complicated ones? u want to try the dum biryani? will be posting that recipe in a day or two ...

Arun said...

Well..when I say a complicated dish it would mean a dish having a lot of ingredients and a small change in he quantity of any of them would not give out the right taste....I'm not sure if dum biryani would fall into that category though. Anyway, I would be looking forward to recepie on dum biryani :)

Geetha said...

I once gave this recipe to a friend - she wrote it down as I was making it - 6 full pages :)
decide for urself if it is complicated.

Arun said... sure sounds complicated. But nothing is complicated for someone like you who really loves cooking...isn't it? :-)...b/w a friend of mine did get to see your blogs and he really appreciate the way each of your blogs are presented..specially the ones in your Fragrant kitchen

Geetha said...

hmmm dum biryani is a complex dish with complex tastes & textures - but I love making it. thank ur friend for me :)