Saturday, September 6, 2008

Music in my Life

Music has been always a part of my life and it was something I grew up on... I usually play music when I travel or when I just am having nothing else to do but to just chill out...! The craze for music started when I was still young. We had 2 huge radios (those were the days when we had to hold a license if we had a radio at home and they had to pay a yearly tax 0f Rs 10/- too ....looks weird but it's true) and a couple of small transistors.

My dad had the craze of owning different models of transistors in all it's shapes and sizes. He used to glue his ears to the radio once he was back from work. or all through the day over the weekends. It would be the usual daily news..or the election counting...or the songs or the live cricket commentory. Every program on the radio were of much interest to him. In short he was an ardent listener of the radio.

The craze to listen to music grew as days passed. The linking towards hindi music took off when my brother got a casette on a musical night called "An evening with Kishore Kumar" as a gift from his friend. We played that casette over and over again till it stopped playing. This made me inclined to listening to Kishore kumar's songs and I was soon a fan of kishore da.

When we got our first tape recorder we used to buy blank casettes and record those melodious songs of kishore da that were played on programs like "Maan chaaye geeth"...or the "aap ki farmaish" on the radio. We used to press the play, record and the pause button and wait for the RJ to complete her song announcement and once it was done..we used to release the pause button and get the song recorded on the tape. It was such fun!!...those were the days when owning a pre-recorded casette was so expensive.

I got my first walkman that was presented by my brother when he returned on vacation from US during '96. I had completed my graduation and I was doing my Masters in Computers. I got a few CD's too to listen to. Some of them were the music cd of "The Titanic"...The back street boys...the collection of Phil Collin's songs. As the saying goes...the first impression is the best impression...I got impressed with all of these songs as far as English songs were concerned. I soon built a huge collection of audio CD's ( still have a cupboard full of them back in India)...however, something was still lacking. Yeah.. the headphones were crap! utter crap.

My first taste of the better quality head phones were the sony's ear plug for a pricely sum of $40. All my apprehensions were put to rest the instant I plugged them in. It had the best audio output that one could expect.I now had a new standard for audio quality...!

The next huge jump was the progression was from my Sony CD player to my first iPod back in 2005 and a few hours of listening led to the same conclusion - even the best pack crappy headphones along with their product. I had spent close to $350 on the iPod and a case that I bought from J&R. The result - craptacular sound again! But my sony ear plug came to my rescue. It delivered the best audio output as ever.

I used the sony headphone non stop for almost 1 year. They were awesome to listen to, tiny to carry around and were imperceptible when you wore them. You would be drowned in your music regardless of what was happening around...! But something's gotta give - the rubber insulation on the wiring started to give and the left plug went dead...I was heart broken. I had to later settle down to the philip's ear phones. They are not as bad as I thought to be. I now listen to my music from my 30 Gig ipod using the philip's ear phones

I've been listening to my collection of songs on my ipod when I travel to my office in the morning. thanks to the ipod it's redefined music in my daily life!! so long, good nite

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