Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Experiment with Cookery

As it was the weekend and I had all the time at my disposal to do things at my own pace, I decided to cook something different than usual...something that would surprise someone I know of. I thought of preparing the not so tough recepies for the day from my friend's new cookery blog site "The Fragrant Kitchen".

I started off my day with the preparation of the Masala Chai. I had tried it once before..but had missed out adding one of the ingredient's the saunf. But I decided to prepare the masala chai...the right way with the right ingredients. I had walked upto the Indian store to buy the saunf yesterday....not to forget the other stuffs that I would need for the Dhal Tadka that I wanted to prepare for the afternoon lunch and the evening dinner.

The masala chai tasted really good...and it made me feel fresh all through the day. Then I prepared the dhal tadka. The dhal didn't take long to cook as I cooked the dhal in the cooker...added the rest of the ingredients...except the kokam (which I didn't know what it really was)....instead I added 1 tsp lemon juice as mentioned in the recepie. The dhal turned out to be tasting really good. Thanks to my friend's recepies...My kitchen turned out really fragrant at the end of the day.


Geetha said...

Thanks for trying the recipe arun -(I shud add a "finally" at the end, for the tea though!!!)

Arun said...

I'll try to prepare the easy ones out!!...will be looking forward for some easy recepies for ur blog