Monday, September 15, 2008

A change for the Better....

So, here I am again after quite some time. Many things happened after the last post....

A change for the better

Well, things have happened, and It's time to move on...!! certain things just happened before I could realised; How could I think of deciding on something that you wouldn't have not done for a long time? You will start thinking if they would have happened as expected? I have taken a risk a risk to shun away from the materialistic life to a more social life. Ultimately, I will be going back. Back to my roots! When I look back in retrospect after a while, I will start wondering soon if it was really worth it.

My first reactions would be to feel as if it was the end of the world. A world which you would have dreamt of living for the rest of your life. But I should realise that I am going to my old life for a reason. A reason to find my soul mate.

It is a natural reaction to feel sad when you decide to move back. To leave the land of opportunities. I don't know why I feel so attracted and attached to a land which was very new just a couple of years back.

It is not easy to accept the unexpected - first there's shock, and then the pain sets in. Nothing different here. But how long is it worth going through when the one you're enduring it for does not even give a damn :) The pain ended sometime late evening today, when I finally convinced myself that it was no longer worth it. There are unanswered questions, but the answers do not matter any I feel my decision to move back is worth it!

Last but not the least, I would like to tell myself to fall in love...before getting married at least. Fall in love with someone who knows what I'm worth and who loves me back as much as I love her. Please god, send someone my way...soon!! :)


Geetha said...

hmmm an interesting reason to go back to ur roots :) ... but u know I'd say that India is the land of opportunities now - think about it.

Sachin said...

Yeah it is true that India is a land of opportunities, hope u get ur best shot and be ready to give the best shot.. ;)

All the best Arun..

My best wishes are with u..

Rana said...

Home is definitely where the heart is. So follow your heart...well and your head too.
In this case, I hope you have followed both your heart as well as head. In the end, the only thing that matters is the thing that makes you happy. Forget about what others say, just listen to the tune of your heart..
All the very best in looking for a soul mate and above all, the very best in life..