Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Men - Are they turning into Machines?

The evolution of machines is as old as the evolution of Man. It has been always a constant struggle with man to lead a more comfortable life. This was possible with the invention of Machines.

Starting from the most simple invention of the Wheel which is been used in modern vehicles for transport to the most recent machines like the Computers, used for performing complex calculations, man in involved in refining and redefining his inventions to make it more user friendly. These machines have alleviated the living standards of mankind over a period of time So much so, that man is completely dependent on these machines.

There were times when men scarcely used machines. Water used to be drawn from the well using a pully, they now use a electric motor to do it. Land was cultivated using bullocks, now we use the tractor which is considered to be more effecient. Lately every activity that we perform is been replaced by a machine.

In order to keep pace with the change in technology, man is forced to be dependent on these machines. He is using one machine to help him in inventing/building a new more sophisticated machine.

Interaction of men with the society is lost to a great extent. Modern man spends most of his time interacting with a machine than with fellow beings. In recent times, the total number of hours that a person spends interacting with a computer both at office and at home is increased to a great extent.

With the advent of modern machines, the pressure on man has increased manifold. It is not too far to see, that the growing depencancy of man on these machnines will soon lead man to turn into a machine.

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hey arun... where are you? ur posts make interesting reading... why no more in so long?