Saturday, August 9, 2008

All about blogs

I always wished to write something that will be visible for everyone to read from anywhere on this earth...something we wouldn't have imagined to have happened few decades back. Thanks to the internet!! has made this happen through blogs.

I tried to understand what really goes into a blog? As always I searched for the definition of blogs on the internet.. (thanks to the modern technology, we get the latest and greatest information with a click of a button) through my favourite site and here is what it says about what a blog is(Note: I have provided a url to read through the entire definition of what a blog is):

In short Blogs act as what we used to call as diaries. Blogs are in short a virtual diary. A url where we keep track of events that take place in our lives in a reverse-cronological order.
I'm not sure as to how long I would continue my blogging...but this seems to be a good start!

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Geetha said...

hey arun.... so finally started blogging is it?... have been thinking abt it myself for a while now... donno when I'll start!!